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Our Story

The Financial Foundations Program was started by Juetten Personal Financial Planning LLC. as a way for early career professionals to affordably obtain high quality fee-only financial planning. Early career professionals face unique challenges such as high housing costs, student loans and a dynamic workforce. Our focus is on your goals, and how we can empower you to make smart money decisions. We act as fiduciaries for our clients, this means we don’t sell any products or receive commissions, and we always act in your best interests.

Who We Are

We're more than money managers. We like to travel, explore the great northwest and be with family. We all have a sense of pride in what we do and probably spend too much time talking finance with those around us. 

Kyle Wilke CFP® started his path on financial planning working with refugees and immigrants where he provided financial literacy and small business consulting. He's a Seattle native although he has spent a considerable amount of time in Thailand as a child. He completed his BA in international studies from the Jackson School for International Studies at the University of Washington. He is an enthusiastic educator and loves to guide people in an approachable manner. He serves clients in the tech, engineering and bio-medical sectors but is familiar with nonprofit and educator areas as well. In his spare time, you can find him on a sports field, traveling or in the kitchen baking a pie.


Chelsea Hodl became interested in personal finance when she saw how it was affecting people in her family. She received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of San Diego and decided to return back to school to pursue her Master’s degree. She received her MBA with a focus in Personal Finance from California Lutheran University in 2014. She has lived on both the East Coast and West Coast, but settled down in her hometown of Spokane where she and her husband are raising their two boys. She keeps busy with her kids’ sports activities, and when she does have some free time she enjoys scrapbooking and crafting.

Our Vision

The Financial Foundations Program was created to serve early career professionals who are in general excluded from more traditional financial planning services either due to costs, small amount of assets or because the firms do not specialize in working with early career professionals. We believe that advice should be affordable, free from conflicts of interest and that your needs are front and center.





Holistic Planning

We focus on more than just investments - because life is more than just stocks and bonds. We help you set SMART goals that are tied to your values. From starting a family to dealing with student debt, we'll work together to make sure all the bases are covered.

  • Getting Organized

  • Setting Goals

  • Financial Perspectives

  • Spending Plans

  • Investments

  • Personal Risk

  • Estate Review


Time is your most important resource, that's why we offer stress-free online meeting times and days. Be free from traffic and parking! You can even stay in your PJs. 



Expect to learn a thing or two. Financial Planning is a collaborative process where you get more than just answers to your questions. It’s a way to be  smart about your money and boost your confidence that you can achieve everything you want in life while always keeping focus on your financial footing.


Join other early career professionals who share your desire to take better care of their money. We hold regular webinars, Facebook live events and in-person workshops. Get an idea of our interative content by liking our Facebook page here!


What we hear over and over is that having access to expert, unbiased advice to make smart money decisions when it counts is an urgent need that is going largely unmet.


And here is something we know for sure based on years of hard won experience with hundreds of clients who care about making the most of their money. Figuring out how to make your money work well is best done with a trusted guide who has your back.




Get access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ - who has your interests front and center. The CFP® designation is the highest designation in our profession and the hardest to earn. All of our planners have obtained a CFP® and continue their education through workshops, webinars and classes.


We act as a “fiduciary” — meaning we're legally bound to put your interests first. Not all financial advisers are willing to do that. We won't sell you a product or pressure you into a contract. We are independent from any broker dealer and are proud of our impartiality. 

Fee Only

It's pretty simple. The bill you see for our financial planning services is a flat fee. No hidden costs, small print, or kick-backs. 




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